Over the years, I’ve been told by family, friends, and random strangers that I talk a lot – mostly utter gibberish, and in a few glorious rare moments,
randomly brilliance when drunk.

This space will help document as to whether I’m becoming more brilliant,
or full of sh*t over the years.

I’ll write about my life as an immigrant, our passion for travel, my crazy almost scary
obsession with dogs, the weather, my family who are a bunch of weirdos, my gregarious friends (imaginary and not), my extreme Asian qualities, and how the love of my life, Shaun, puts up with me in a daily basis.

Everything and anything positive!

Also, don’t talk to me about politics, religion, or question my love for Justin Bieber – I will not tolerate negativity, political correctness,
those that get offended easily, and people who wear Crocs.

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